Pure craftsmanship made in the Netherlands

Around 85% of your precious time onboard is spent sitting, lounging or sleeping – and that’s way too much time to experience anything less than complete comfort. Good seating in the dining areas and salon are essential. This high level of comfort requires a customised composition of various layers of foam, with the different types of cushions being developed entirely in accordance with the client’s wishes. In addition, Neptune produces hand-made quality mattresses in all sizes for new and refitted yachts, as well as being specialised in slatted frames, bespoke bedlinens, duvets and duvetcovers.

We can provide you with personal advice on which product will suit you best. All our mattresses, bed linens and seating are made by hand using the most beautiful and comfortable materials. Production is realised in the Netherlands to ensure optimal quality and craftsmanship.

You are warmly invited to visit our company at any time; we would be proud to show you our work and introduce our people. Your visit will give you a close look behind the scenes and us a chance to explain our processes. You can compare Neptune to a four-star Michelin restaurant: we welcome you in our kitchens where you can ask our chefs everything about the raw materials and the possibilities.

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