"Comfort" Line Mattresses

The boat mattresses from the Neptune “Comfort” Line are produced in one quality Nautifoam®. They are available in multiple hardnesses and thicknesses and can be manufactured in any shape.

New in our collection is the Nautifoam® boat mattress, the Nautifoam® boat mattress has been specially developed for yachting industry and has antibacterial properties. Unlike conventional polyurethane foams, the mattress cores will not get moldy (a big problem on board many yachts) and are also dust mite resistant. Ideal for people with allergies.
This premium comfort foam is also fire retardant and meets the strict IMO standards.
We offer a 7-year warranty on Nautifoam®.
Also available with IMO Wheelmark certificate
This quality should actually become the standard for every crew member.
A dream for the entire crew.

Visit our showroom / experience centre where you can see and experience our range. We also have a showroom / experience centre in Palma de Mallorca.


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