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For interior advice and guidance in making choices for a practical and personal result on board your yacht or in your home, you have come to the right place at INSTYLING. Water sports enthusiasts are advised at Neptune which seating and sleeping comfort fits best on board their yacht. A wide selection of beautiful materials is available in the fabric room and extensive technical advice is given in the showrooms.

Beautiful and attractive solutions for the design of homes, offices, yachts are mainly approached in practice. “As an interior designer, with experience in the water sports sector, I try to be as closely involved as possible in the realization of design projects in a variety of areas. Each project involves, if necessary, a team of creative and skilled people who can realize a plan and can create the best result for the client.

Designing, shaping, styling are all about the right relationship and the atmosphere experience. The challenge is not always in the purchase of new things, but mostly in finding compromises in shape, color, light and the correct application of elements. Besides the choice of new elements must be customized without losing sight of the client’s taste. As the initiator and director of projects, I strive as a designer and project supervisor for a fusion of knowledge and practical feasibility.

Let me think along with you and don’t hesitate to contact us without obligation”.

Diana van Wieringen | Interior designer

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