Cold foam

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Cold foam is an improved type of comfort foam, which offers greater comfort and a longer lifespan due to its machining and the use of renewed raw materials. It is very suitable for seating and back cushions for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the combination of various qualities, beautiful end results can be created with a lot of personal comfort. A number of qualities also lend themselves reasonably well to the manufacture of economical mattresses.

Special press trolleys deliver +/- 300 M3, about 45 blocks of comfort foam in various qualities to our company in Zwagdijk.

Good cold foam manufacturers crush the rough blocks before they leave the factory. Crushing is a way to break open the cells (balloons) in the foam by means of a roller. In this way the foam is supposedly premature and creates an open cell structure, which has a limited influence on the ventilating (breathing) effect of the foam. Often these foams are sold as a breathable material. Unfortunately, this is only partly true. Crushing is only used to give the foam more resilience, so that pit formation during use is prevented. A more stable cushion or mattress is created by this method.