Pocket spring

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SoftTouch variable pocket spring cores offer comfort to all types of physique and body weight. The variable coil geometry is the secret of the success of the Soft Touch TM pocket spring, which Neptune uses in its mattresses. This spring technology ensures initial touch softness and becomes increasingly firm for the necessary support, when more weight is applied. This type of suspension generates luxury, comfort and support. Each spring is encapsulated in a fabric pouch, which ensures active cushioning. This operation ensures that every Soft Touch pocket spring is free to move independently.

Optimal features

A pocket spring mattress has optimal properties with a minimum width of 90 cm. Around the pocket core are placed beams of comfort foam of about 8 cm. This leaves about 74 cm for the pockets. With a narrower mattress, this only becomes less, so too little for optimal comfort.

The total thickness of a pocket spring mattress is approximately 20 to 24 cm. Thinner mattresses with pockets do not give enough comfort. Neptune uses 4 cm of Vita Talalay on top of the pockets so you can not feel any spring. There are many products offered that are of much lower quality!

The thickness of the steel wire used for the springs also determines whether it feels firm or soft. With steel wire of different thicknesses you can place several comfort zones in the mattress. The springs are thermally hardened and treated against corrosion.