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The production process of Vita Talalay® Latex Superior ™ is much more complicated than the traditional latex qualities. The forms in which the liquid latex is poured are extremely expensive and the entire production process of this premium latex such as vacuuming, freezing and heating is much more complicated and labor-intensive than the conventional latex. Furthermore, only the purest latex raw materials are used.

Vita Talalay About Latex
The latex is extracted from the tree by making notches in the crack, the liquid latex is then collected in a bowl attached to the tree. 100% natural material which is environmentally friendly won. Good for the jobs of these countries, good for nature, no animals are abused for winning hair like horses and camels.

The round open cell structure is created by the TALALAY process, through the freezing process all round cells are connected to each other, creating an excellent ventilating latex core. As a result, molds cannot develop and this product is also dust mite resistant.

Vita Talalay® Latex Superior ™ is a superior latex that is durable and offers a lot of comfort. It beats all other materials in terms of resilience, durability, ventilation and support. The open cell structure provides optimal ventilation and moisture regulation. A Neptune Vita Talalay® Latex mattress offers an optimal night’s sleep because it supports the body where it is needed. The quality and thickness of the mattress have a major influence on the comfort of the mattress.

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Vita-Talalay latex
Ventilation test
Resilience Test
Mattress production process


The Vita Talalay products and production processes are all certified, and satisfy the highest health requirements.

C2C  Rainforrest Certified  Eco Institut 352X352  Confidence Textiles

A Neptune Vita Talalay® latex mattress can be provided with an Embrace ™ (memory foam) top layer. This top layer provides a pressure-reducing effect on the pressure points of the body; the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Embrace ™ is the only viscoelastic memory foam that has excellent breathability. VITA Talalay® latex has superior comfort properties and ventilates better than any other type of comfort foam. Thanks to the patented process, this product is manufactured by only a few manufacturers worldwide.
Vita Talalay About Talalay

Years of research and product development have yielded a product of exceptional quality that can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers. All Vita Talalay® products ensure maximum ventilation which helps to drain body fluids. This also contributes to regulating the body temperature. This will allow you to sleep better and more hygienically. Sleeping on Vita Talalay® Latex is like sleeping on air, it gives an ultimate sleeping experience.

Supporting, comfort and luxury
The unique Talalay process has already been perfected by Radium Foam with over 50 years of experience and knowledge. Vita Talalay® Superior Latex is superior. No other material in the market offers consistent durability and good ventilation properties. But above all, the soft character of this material ensures that your body can rest comfortably. You can sleep in a natural way.

The thickness of the mattress core determines the Talalay quality, which is necessary for good comfort. With a mattress core thickness of 12 cm the Firm W9S is needed, so that the pressure points of the shoulders and hips are prevented from pressing through the foam. With a thickness of 15 cm the Medium W7S or the Firm W9S can be used. With a thickness of 18 cm the Soft W6S, the Medium W7S and the Firm W9s can be used, which is then finished with an Embrace of Soft W6S top layer of 3 cm thickness. The higher the weight of the user, the heavier the quality Talalay must be, which is used.

Neptune has the following qualities in raw blocks in stock:
Talalay W3S: super soft, suitable for mattress toppers with a thickness of 6 cm
Talalay W4S: soft but slightly firmer, suitable for mattress toppers with a thickness of 4-6 cm
Talalay W6S: soft, suitable for mattresses
Talalay W7S: medium, suitable for mattresses
Talalay W8S: medium +, suitable for mattresses
Talalay W9S: firm, suitable for mattresses
Talalay W10S: extra firm, suitable for mattresses

NOTE: A number of qualities are also available as FR foam, so fire retardant.