Mould in mattresses


Due to the lack of ventilation under the boat mattresses, mould usually forms in the mattress cores. Even if it is not immediately visible, there are almost always bacteria to a greater or lesser extent in the mattress.

Mould are fungi and are the cause of hidden complaints such as a runny nose, watery eyes, irritation of the respiratory tract and so on. Above all, it is unsanitary and very unhygienic. Some people say they are not worried about this but it is downright dirty and very unhealthy.

When you buy a house in a beautiful location with a spacious living room and beautiful bedrooms, you wouldn’t dream of keeping the previous owners mattresses, so why do you do it on a yacht? Yachts are often resold several times and so if the mattresses aren’t changed regularly, you may find yourself sleeping on old, mouldy and often stained mattresses!

On yachts, the mattresses are often located in small spaces with little ventilation under the mattress. Due to the lack of good ventilation, mould easily forms.

As a manufacturer of boat mattresses, we take back many old mattresses. These are pulled apart in our workshop for recycling. Here we find the most unsavory materials. You can see a small overview of what we receive in this overview.


Mattress core with mould

Mattress core with mould

Mattress core with mould