Autumn: time for a mattress check!

22 November 2023

We’re well into autumn now, and your boat has probably been winterised for a while. With sunny sailing days still far away, it’s a great time to tackle the list of jobs on board to ensure a long, happy season enjoying the water. There’s one easy task that can ensure a relaxing time on your vessel, as well as care for your comfort and health in a single move.

Unzip the cover of your mattresses and there is a good chance that you will find mould. Even when mould is not visible to the eye, mould and bacteria are almost always present. Time for new mattresses? Neptune supplies custom-made mattresses with antibacterial cores and zip-off, washable antibacterial mattress covers.

Did you know that you spend approximately 30% of your time on board sleeping? We think that’s far too much to experience any discomfort, so we’ve specially-developed our sleeping systems to provide optimal comfort and support using the most durable materials. Neptune has four mattress qualities: Comfort, Comfort Plus, Comfort Plus Premium and Excellent. In combination with our patented slatted base systems – essential for ventilation under the mattress – they ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep on board your yacht.

Neptune works with Nautifoam comfort foam and Vita Talalay® Latex Superior™, among other products, to create safe mattresses that promote healthy breathing and dry, peaceful sleep.

The fire-retardant Nautifoam is a premium comfort foam that has been anti-bacterially treated, which means it is dust mite resistant and not sensitive to mould. It’s an ideal solution for people with allergies. Vita Talalay® Latex Superior™ is a durable, superior latex that naturally offers optimal ventilation and moisture regulation due to its open cell structure, so that fungi and bacteria don’t have a chance to take hold.

Sleeping is personal. You are very welcome to try out our different mattress qualities and sleeping systems in our Experience Centres in Zwaagdijk-Oost (The Netherlands) or Palma de Mallorca to find the right match for you. Our advisors will discuss your current situation and your desired sleeping comfort with you in detail. As part of our service, we also able to measure on board and remove and recycle your old mattresses.