Find your perfect mattress match at ACREW’s Astilleros de Mallorca event

01 November 2018

There’s a lot to consider when sourcing new mattresses for the yacht, which is why Neptune Superyacht Mattress’s Marcel Botman will be at ACREW’s Astilleros de Mallorca event discussing the ins and outs of the perfect sleep onboard.

On Friday, 23rd November, he’ll be sharing his expert advice on the secret to a successful night’s sleep. With many reasons for sleep deprivation not always obvious he’ll fill in crew on some of the hidden details that can disrupt rest, like moisture gathering under and in the mattress due to poor ventilation. Join Neptune at the event, which runs at Astilleros de Mallorca in Palma, Spain, from 21st November to 23 November to learn all there is to know about improving everyone’s favourite activity – sleep!

The end-of-season event is run at the award winning shipyard by ACREW, which has created a two day programme of workshops for all crew onboard of any level. There’ll be delicious food and beverages to try and plenty of networking opportunities to enjoy as the event gets underway in late November.