Mattress toppers

Neptune mattress toppers offer extra sleeping comfort.

Because of the wide choice of different raw materials, a mattress topper helps to adjust the bed to individual sleeping needs and that gives an even better night’s sleep. A mattress topper helps to level the seam between two mattresses. He can make a too firm mattress softer. A mattress topper only makes sense if the mattresses are of a good quality.
1. In case of pit formation of existing mattresses, a mattress topper is useless.
2. A mattress topper can be a solution to sleep more softly.
Recommended core thickness is 6cm, other thicknesses can of course also be produced.

Mattress toppers are produced from:
Vita-Talalay latex

Visit our showroom / experience centre where you can see and experience our range. We also have a showroom / experience centre in Palma de Mallorca.

Our mattress toppers

"Comfort" Line

This mattress topper is produced from Premium Nautifoam®.

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"Excellent" Line

This mattress topper is produced from 100% Vita-Talalay latex.

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Foreign deliveries

Foreign deliveries

Your yacht is located in a foreign port, for example Cannes, Barcelona, Monaco, Mallaga, Ibiza or Saint-Tropez. We offer the mattresses in different qualities and thicknesses based on the dimensions you have supplied. If you agree with our pricing, we can, if you wish, produce templates off the mattresses on board. After an agreed delivery time, the mattresses are delivered to the relevant port by means of a trasporteur. If necessary, we can advise you when we are on board and guide you with making the right choice.

On Mallorca we have an advsieur and an experience center where more than 16 different qualities and thicknesses can be tried to make the right choice.
Come by for advice

Come by for advice

Our advisors discuss with you the situation and the desired sitting and / or sleeping comfort in detail.

We measure on board

We measure on board

Our craftsmen may come on board by appointment to measure everything and discuss the details.

The product is ready

The product is ready

As soon as the sitting and / or sleeping comfort is ready, an appointment for delivery is made

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