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What can Neptune do for you?

Seating and sleeping comfort is an item on the budget where Neptune has the perfect solution for you.
Over 80% of your customers precious time is spent on our products.
Yachtowners spend approximately 80% of their precious time sitting and sleeping. Paying proper attention to this area and providing your clients with a good choice will definitely be appreciated. Quality seating and beds are essential and good advice can help achieve this and align the look & feel too. Neptune’s expert staff will realise every project to the complete satisfaction of your clients.

If we are allowed to produce for a yard, we always first discuss the qualities, models and versions. In most cases, test seat and back cushions are first cut to assess this together with the yard and its customers. If everything is to your liking, the cushions are cut, assembled and modulated on the basis of molds made on board. In this way we achieve astonishing results. We have more than 30 different qualities of comfort foam in stock and can cut these for you in any thickness, shape and quality with our modern machinery. Our workshop is equipped with modern machines that can handle any job.
We have the IMO certification for various mattress qualities and we also have various comfort foams which are also provided with the IMO certificates.
We therefore cordially invite you to visit our company so that we can introduce you to our company and our possibilities.

Commercial shipping and offshore

Sleeping comfort when offshore is genuinely vital as employees spend their waking hours working hard to get things done. The work is often heavy and the hours long, which is why we believe offshore staff deserve the best possible mattresses after a hard day’s (or night’s) work.

Neptune produces mattresses in all sizes and any thickness. We believe the minimal thickness for hardworking people should be at least 15 cm, and 18 cm if possible to ensure optimal comfort. A number of our maritime mattresses comply with the strict IMO/MED (wheelmark) regulations. We also give our mattresses an anti-bacterial treatment with silver ions to minimise the development and spread of fungi, bacteria and some viruses. This benefits all staff, especially those with allergies.

Unique sleep comfort

Custom made boat mattresses and accessories for every yacht.

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Perfect marine upholstery

Customized marine upholstery for a comfortable stay on board.

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Accessories and more

Bed and bath supplies, such as bed linen, bath linen, pillows, duvets and more.

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The pure craftsmanship made in the Netherlands

At Neptune, we make sure that the days on board are the best days of your life. We therefore do everything we can to ensure that you will never feel as comfortable as on your own ship. We at Neptune take your comfort seriously and provide the ultimate comfort on your boat.

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